Who am I?

I am a women. I am a thinker. I am a lover of food, music and travel. I love water because it is calming. I love nature because it is peaceful. I breathe creativity. I like to write. I like to listen to music. I love to read. I enjoy quotes, mantras and all things psychology. I love creating arts and crafts. I am a lifetime learner. My best work comes to me while in silence or taking a shower. I am inspired by many things in life.

I am a career woman turned momma to two little bears who believes self-care is important to my daily life. Me time can exist while the kids are napping. Thanks for stopping by. This blog will be sharings of my life as a twin mom navigating this thing called parenthood. There will also be a sprinkling of my individual-ness because we are so much more than our mommy roles.



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