How I Celebrate Small Wins Everyday

“Remember: The Small Wins Count Too.”

… because we can get so caught up in the big things, the flashy things and all the things that didn’t go well in a day.

Since joining motherhood, this mantra holds a different meaning for me. When I was a career women I had no problem acknowledging the steps I took to reach a goal. However, when I became a full-time mom I honestly didn’t believe I had anything to celebrate. I failed to recognize the little things I was doing on a daily basis that had an important impact on my family. I was use to work benchmarks and didn’t have any for my new role as a mom.

I know it’s cliche to say but motherhood changed me. It changed my body, it changed the way I think, it shifted my identity and it changed my spirit. During those early months with twins I was in true survival mode. I didn’t have much time to breathe let alone take a shower. I often found myself focused on the mess instead of the two miracles staring at me. I knew my mindset had to change and I began celebrating everything. I started honoring myself and all the things I accomplished for the day (because full-time moms hold value).

I celebrated every day I was able to breastfeed and it wasn’t an easy task. I celebrated when I reached 6 months, 9 months and 1 year of breastfeeding. I celebrated every time I took a shower, brushed my teeth and had clean hair because the little things mattered. I celebrated every time I made it outside with the children by myself because it was a chore. Putting them down for a nap without a fight was definitely worth celebrating. I was also excited about making it to the end of each day with everyone in tact.

Believe me, there were days when I lost sight of the small wins but my children are great reminders. Whether it was praises when they learned how to roll over, praises when they started drinking from a sippy cup or began walking; the joy they felt was contagious. I quickly realized what I was doing wasn’t just encouragement for them but encouragement for me as well. A way to give myself a pat on the back and say “well done momma”. There were many moments of uncertainty with motherhood but so many reminders that I was doing my very best. That is what matters, right?

I truly believe our children are teachers. They are constantly guiding me to trust myself and reminding me that there isn’t one right way to parent……. but many small wins to celebrate. With potty training in full effect at my household this mantra is constantly repeated. I am focused on progress, not perfect. Although having everything end up in the potty all the time would be great.

So if you are looking for a little motivation, celebrate small wins everyday with your toddler. And for all the stay-at-home-mothers, don’t forget to praise yourself because we also have something to celebrate everyday.