5 Simple Crayon Removers

With colder days quickly approaching here in the Northeast and my motivation to get outside dwindling; I am looking for indoor activities to do with the twins. I recently went to Target to purchase crayons, washable markers and construction paper for a little arts and crafts time. I enjoy getting creative and I am always writing so it was no surprise to see my 19-month old daughter enjoy the same things. She will write with whatever she can get her hands on.

Over the past two weeks, she asked me for paper every morning. Watching her write and color has been fun but I haven’t enjoyed the crayon marks that are showing up. I definitely knew what I was getting myself into when I introduced them. Now I am just looking for the best option for crayon remover.

After searching the web, I decided on the five options listed below because I already had the items in my house.

  1. Baking Soda – Have a box laying around that you purchased to deodorize your refrigerator or diaper genie? Grab a damp rag or paper towel and dab it in some baking soda. Then gently rub the marks off the wall or furniture. Quite simple.
  2. Toothpaste – I used a non-gel toothpaste, Colgate Cavity Protection to be exact. I grabbed a damp rag and a little squirt of toothpaste. I applied it to the dining table  and rubbed the crayon marks away. Then I wiped the area with water. Since toothpaste contains mild abrasives to remove debris from teeth, it can easily remove crayon from surfaces.
  3. Vinegar – I often use vinegar and water as a non-abrasive cleaner for almost everything in the house. For crayon removal though, you will need undiluted vinegar. I never tried it but I heard vinegar can help with removing crayon from clothing before washing.
  4. WD40 – The steps are quick and simple. Spray then wipe with a rag. WD-40 should not damage your paint or furniture items.
  5. Goo Gone – This was a recommendation from my husband. It does contain a citrus scent so you may want to use in a ventilated area . All it requires is a tiny drop on a paper towel or rag. Once the crayon marks have been wiped away, be sure to wash surface with soap and water to get rid of residue.


Personal Favorite: Baking Soda due to its quick removal, low odor and ability to get it almost anywhere.

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